With $100M In Crowdfunding, ‘Star Citizen’ May Not Be A Scam, But It Feels Like A Cult

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Star Citizen, the upcoming space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, has hit a milestone that seems almost too ridiculous to be believed. It just passed $100M in funding. Not just funding, but crowdfunding, as supporters of the game have taken the budget into the stratosphere not just through traditional support through avenues like Kickstarter, but by pre-purchasing ships and founders packages which range from a few dollars to seemingly ludicrous $15,000 bundles. But they’re selling. Star Citizen has slowly ballooned into something that is almost incomprehensible. While Chris Roberts is an icon, and space sims are a relatively neglected genre in the past decade or so, it’s hard to find adequate answers as to why the game has managed to attract this level of support from so many fans with open wallets.

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