Starting The Year Right With Your Crowdfunding Project

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The new year can help project initiators to breathe in new life into their crowdfunding campaigns. After all the smoke from the holiday events and stress have dissipated, the focus on the business at hand can be more clearly visible. People are back to their daily grind of things looking for a way to make the next twelve months more productive than the last.

Crowdfunding has been making waves in the financial industry helping many startups get the money they need to start a business venture. There are donations that has shaped people’s opinion and changed the lives of the people directly involved with the project. It has also seen the birth of a lot industries that might not have seen the light of day without social funding.

The industry has many potential and will only grow even bigger as time comes. But of course, this depends on the ingenuity and drive of project initiators, receptiveness of investors and donors as well as  flexibility of the platforms themselves. The new year offers great opportunities to new beginnings or a fresh start to existing projects.

New year social funding

If you are managing your own crowdfunding project, here are a few things you can look into to start the year on right footing.

  • Review the status of your project. When generals go to war, one of their primary weapons is simply understanding what resources they have available. The same can be used when overseeing a crowdfunding project – understanding what you have. The new year offers a perfect chance to review your project and understand how your target market is behaving. Are they receptive to it or are they having second thoughts in pledging? Do they have the same questions about the project which can point to a breakdown in communicating the campaign? Analyze the project and identify the areas for improvement.

  • Set goals for the year. It is a good time to push yourself even further with your goals for your social funding campaign. Dare to reach out to more people or improve on designs and benefits your project has for people. Make yourself accountable to these goals and put in a plan to help you achieve them.

  • Get your team on board. It is difficult to do everything on your own especially when you have a good team around you ready and willing to share the workload. Share your plans regarding the project and get their opinion on it. As soon as they see your vision, get them on board so you are all poised to reach your objective for the year. Everyone needs to be on the same page when tackling a project especially after a long holiday.

  • Excite your investors. Look for ways to reinvigorate your investor’s desire to help. Talk to them and see what they look most forward to and use that to increase project loyalty. You can also use it to get more investors on board the project in hopes of reaching your financial target.


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