Crowdfunding Is A Gift In Itself

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Holidays are synonymous to the age old tradition of gift giving and receiving and crowdfunding in itself can also fall into that category. This gift giving probably started with the bible story of how three wise kings gave baby Jesus some gold, frankincense, and myrrh when he was born in a manger on Christmas day. People started doing the same on every holiday to commemorate that act of giving plus it is really nice to see the face of children light up as they are opening their gifts on Christmas mornings.

Parents now have a certain level of gift wrapping skills from all those years of watching their kids struggle with opening their presents and beaming a smile from ear to ear after they have opened it. That smile is what takes away all those sleepless nights trying to catch up with work because they spend the whole day looking for the toy their kids love.

Crowdfunding in a lot of instances can also solicit a similar reaction from people or project initiators who are able to use the platform in launching their business or simply getting some financial help. It is a scary idea to depend on people that they do not know the future of a business they want to put up or even to just get through a difficult ordeal. But crowdfunding is a great way to prove how resilient and helpful people are.

Crowdfunding is a gift

Here are some of the ways crowdfunding has been a gift to a lot of people not only during the holidays but all throughout the year as well. This will make you feel good regardless if you are an investor, donor or a project initiator.

  • It has helped people to get a better life. There are instances when social funding projects are meant to help some people to get a better footing in life and those successful stories will forever touch your heart. Remember that Syrian refugee who had to resort to selling pens in a plastic bag while her daughter was sleeping on his shoulders? Because crowdfunding made it possible for people to donate to him, he now has a better life with a couple of businesses where he employs fellow refugees.

  • It has allowed entrepreneurs to start a business. Both donation and rewards-based platforms allow people to start a business venture because of the money that they get from other people. It can be because they have great product ideas or a service that will revolutionize a specific industry. Social funding has helped pool in common interest, convert it to financial support and launch several businesses.

  • It accounts for economic development. There are countries that are dependent on SMEs or small and medium enterprises in fueling their economic growth. These startups account to a lot of job employment and even export opportunity for various commodities. This boom in business also trickles down to multiple suppliers and cottage industries where products are being sourced.

  • It paves the way for a particular item to go mainstream. There are projects where you find the most benefit for a product and how you wish you could take it on your next trip. Crowdfunding helps you with that dream by giving you a direct hand in funding that item. The more people rally behind it, the bigger the chances you get to take the item home.


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