The One Crowdfunding Platform That Embodies The Christmas Season

Crowd Funding Concept.
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Christmas is a time to give and crowdfunding is more than happy to oblige with one of its platforms that does exactly just that. Ever since you were small, you received gifts from Santa regardless if you have been good or naughty that year. Your grandparents always had something to give you as well as your godparents, uncles and aunts.

All these are gifts and they do not expect anything in return aside from the usual hugs and kisses you give them. But they are not asking a gift in return or that you pay for your gift back. They do it because they love you and want you to be happy this holiday season. You only get to see the gift but you need to understand that they took time and effort to go out, look for a gift, buy and wrap it so you can have a merry Christmas.

The donation platform aims to do exactly just that – like a gift in Christmas morning that kids open up wide eyed smiling ear to ear. The good thing about it is that it can happen all year round and not have to wait for a specific time of the year. As the need arises, people can troop to crowdfunding and ask good-hearted people for financial support.

Donation based social funding

Here are some of the reasons why donation based crowdfunding is one that embodies the holiday season of giving and sharing the most.

  • It gives without asking for anything in return. The way the donation platform works is that it gives to those that really needs help. It can be for families that lost their house because of a fire, a refugee that has nothing else to hold on to but a bag of pen or a family stricken with disease and unable to celebrate this coming Christmas. People donate without asking for anything in return and some even put their names as anonymous. They are not there to hog the spotlight or to even show people that they are helping. They are there to simply help and some even leave words of encouragement for those in need.

  • It helps out those that needs the most help. People have a way of knowing if they are being taken for ride even with crowdfunding projects. They know that it is better to help a family that lost everything in a fire than donate to a person who simply just doesn’t want to work. Donation platform gives to those that needs it and passes over those trying to make a quick buck.

  • It restores your faith in humanity. A lot of these stories are amazing and during the holiday season, it just warms your heart to know that there are a lot of good out there. It can be a veteran who can no longer repair his roof and the whole community gets together to put in money to buy the materials needed and some would offer their talents and skills in actually doing the job. There are some who would just come around bringing food for everyone and it just gives people the opportunity to help out.


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