Facing The New Year With Crowdfunding Vigor

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Crowdfunding has been around the financial and business landscape for the past couple of years and there are no signs of slowdown. It has actually been setting foot and proving itself in various industries from technology startups to groundbreaking products and even making a mark in the real estate industry. It gives everyone a chance to take part to help and put a positive mark in other people’s lives and business ideas.

But as the holiday came and went, project initiators that were caught unprepared find it a little more challenging than usual to get support from other people for their specific social funding campaigns. This is because many people were too busy with their respective holiday activities whether it is attending various functions or simply attending to all their gift giving chores.

Crowdfunding would admittedly could have slowed down significantly, just like most industries because the holidays were about spending quality time with family, reconnecting with friends and taking care of newly made acquaintances. These activities takes precedence and almost everything else are relegated to the backseat during this time.

Social funding this new year

Christmas is already over and people are now starting to settle down and take it slow after a whirlwind of activities in the past days. As everyone braces for the new year, here are some of the things that could help you with your crowdfunding project.

  • Spending time with family recharges your soul. It might be difficult to quantify this phenomenon but if you look past the fatigue in preparing for the food and the gift giving activity, you get to bed at night with a smile on your face after a day with family and close friends. This fires up your spirit similar to a battery running out of juice and getting charged up to full. After a full year of working or managing a business, seeing your family and just spending time with them makes you feel refreshed and gets your life priorities in check. This can then spill over to how you manage your crowdfunding project.

  • You get to pick up lessons from holiday duties. The holidays could have been filled with seemingly endless shopping duties, gift buying and wrapping, arranging get togethers and other Christmas activities. In all these, there are lessons that you can pick up from all these. You just have to open your eyes and be more attentive to pick up lessons which you can in turn use in promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Potential investors would have residual disposable income. After Christmas, there is a big chance that people would have some leftover disposable income from the holidays which they can use for crowdfunding projects. But you need to reach out to them and not the other way around. You need to be able to get to them at this point to take advantage of extra cash investors have on hand for your project.

  • It is a clean slate. If you had some problems in the past or you had to face some new challenges in your project, there is no better time to go at it than the new year. It is similar to getting a new slate and having a do over on some of your problems. You have a full new year to strategize and work on your crowdfunding project to make it even better.


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