Is It Better To Buy A Dress Or Invest In Crowdfunding This Holiday Season?

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It is the season to be jolly and it usually comes with endless hours of shopping for new clothes, gadgets and appliances and crowdfunding would be a far item on a long list. This is a no-brainer for most people because Christmas is a time to enjoy and for most, this is how they have fun. Spending money that they earned or from some last minute year end bonus or gift from an employer.

The mindset in not about investments or too much on being a good citizen by helping out – it is a time to spend with family and friends. You might have been working hard all these years and this is the only holiday that you get to spend with your family. You even get to see you old neighbours, classmates and even friends in your community.

Christmas and crowdfunding are usually two words not mentioned in the same sentence much more as the holiday approaches. But times have changed and this has given way to different approaches on how people use their money. Social funding was in itself born out of a need for people to get together for a financial purpose whether to fund a business or help out another person.

Get in the season of giving

You need to look at the holidays as the season of giving. In fact, in the Christian religion where the holiday originates from – Jesus Christ was born and was essentially given to mankind. The very concept of the holidays is giving and here are some things that you can do when you are looking at crowdfunding during the holidays.

  • Look at your finances. You cannot force the issue if you do not have any disposable income to spare for a crowdfunding project. There are times that the budget is tight and you need to find ways to make ends meet. Year end bonus or any gift that you receive suddenly becomes a lifeline and a blessing to tide you through more comfortably over to the next month. Check your finances before dropping an amount in crowdfunding or even going shopping.

  • Consider it as an investment. If you do have some extra money because of the holidays, you need to look at your financial standing and how you can improve your future savings. Investing is one sure way to help you make you money work for you and social funding offers you this opportunity. The good thing is that you do not have to do much work after putting in the investment. There are people behind the company who will bear the workload and you only have to put in money into the business.

  • Help someone out in need. Going back to the very concept of Christmas – it is a season for giving and not just shopping your legs out. If you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on your table, you are more blessed than others. There are people out there who are in the cold trying to live from day to day surviving on the help of other people. You can use crowdfunding to help them and reach out with some holiday cheer.


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