Global Crowdfunding to tackle global warming

Global warming
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The climactic changes across the world have already raised alarming concerns with the sea levels rising and the snow melting!  The global warming issue is all pervasive and is being addressed at national as well as international levels. But this will not suffice until each and every individual understands the individual responsibility towards making the earth a better place for the generations to come. It is time to join hands to control the global warming process. Small contributions in front of the magnitude of the problem may look trivial. But if they are collected and used through the crowdfunding model, every contribution will make a difference.

First and foremost, crowdfunding model is convenient to raise a wake- up call through its campaigning phase. Secondly, it is an online model. Statistics show that most of the people are more online and convenient to be reached online through various media. So, this model becomes popular in reaching out to a wide number of people. Thirdly, there is no minimum requirement to contribute through this model. The individuals can voluntarily contribute their funds of any size. This makes the model even more attractive. So who can start the campaign and what can the campaigns be like?

  1. Anyone who has prospective solutions to the global warming problem but lacks the funds to start the same can initiate a crowdfunding campaign. He or she can host on a dedicated platform and run the campaign till the target amount is collected.
  2. Otherwise, interested people can team up and initiate a project to collect funds. They might not have the solution, but may know an entity that can help them provide with a solution. So the team can initiate a crowdfunding campaign and start collecting the required funds in turn.
  3. The possible solutions are using substitutes that have lower carbon footprints when used, recycling stations, increasing awareness to contribute by doing simple things like using electricity/ water optimally, using the naturally available energy resources like the solar energy and alike. Funds for these can be estimated and collected from the crowdfunding model. So the campaigner should develop a project based on any of the above mentioned ideas inclusive of any such ideas to support the global warming issue. He should then promote the project so as to increase the reach to a wider base of people. The project should clearly mention the expected activity to be done and the returns for the investors. People then voluntarily participate.

Crowdfunding for global warming issue can be very effective. It is an issue that has affected each and every human being on earth. Therefore, for good solutions to the problem, even if the initial costs are high, people will participate. Despite small contributions, a large participation can ensure that the project can be a success. Many non- profit- organizations are dedicatedly working towards this cause and would love to take a lead if they get appropriate funds. So no more wait, let’s get to work!


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