Crowdfunding Can Help Cast A Bigger Light Than The Shadows

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Crowdfunding might just be seen by people as a tool for many business startups to gather the funds that they need to get started with operations. It is just another means to forego the business loan applications with their bank and try to see if people would trust their vision enough that they would back it up financially and essentially be their target market.

There is no question that the platform helps economies of countries because startups as well as small and medium enterprises makes up the majority of business endeavours in almost any given area. The entrepreneurial spirit is given a financial boost as well as moral support from the same people who can very well be their consumers.

But in light of all the things that have been happening all around the globe with the latest one in Paris where the events shook the world and saw the country retaliate in a matter of hours. With the focus of the entire world with the events that transpired in Paris and the one before that, humanity is again in the brink of tested as a human race.

The role of social funding

It might be hard to believe but crowdfunding can play a role in helping people get a sense of order and to some extent – peace. Here are some of the things that the platform can contribute.

  • To help those in need. The attacks have left a lot of people devastated and many families clueless on how to proceed with life. Crowdfunding can help these people financially by putting up a page to help those that were left behind to at least have some money to use for their immediate needs. The events that occurred are not something you usually prepare for so this is a perfect opportunity for people to band together and show love and support to one another.
  • To rally support for the community. The very fabric of humanity is being attacked when these barbaric attacks are carried out the the community can rally behind the victims and the idea of brotherhood by giving back and pouring support to the community. Restore the landmarks that were destroyed and correct the stereotypes of who the perpetrators are. There are mosques that are being attacked and the community can help rebuild those places of worship while educating the people that radicals are the ones behind the evil acts.
  • To show love for other people. Crowdfunding has this unique ability to show compassion to other people regardless of race or religion. One pledge can mean more than just a few dollars into a project – it can show love and empathy for the project initiators. It can mean that with a few dollars that they can spare, they stand with a person or stand against an idea that threatens the moral fabric of society.

Crowdfunding might be seen by most as a means to an end, a financial lifeline to their business startup desperately in need of funds to be able to start operations. But the platform can do more than just help businesses get started, it can shine a beacon on social issues to cast negativity aside and help people live a better life.


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