Getting Over Bad Crowdfunding Publicity

Crowd Funding Concept.
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Crowdfunding remains to keep surprising people with how much it is able to financially help people with different needs. It can be a business idea that requires capital infusion to get started or a veteran who simply needs a new roof and wall insulation this coming cold months. It can even help send a message of unity at a time of social chaos where some mosques were burned down but people from all over rallied behind a social funding project to rebuild it again.

In the course of preparing and setting up and while managing a crowdfunding project, there can be many surprises along the way. You can prepare for many of them but it is hard to cover all potential outcome of a campaign. With the focus on reaching your goal, your actions would naturally all point to that outcome.

It would be putting together a well crafted project complete with all supporting documents so investors would have little to no questions about the campaign. It can also be covering all marketing fronts to make sure that they get to maximize the number of people who gets to see the project. It can even be ensuring all the donation platforms are in place to get the funding from other people.

Dealing with negative publicity

One of the usually overlooked items in managing a crowdfunding project is dealing with publicity especially those that can affect your potential to receive the funding you need. It can come from people who doesn’t believe in what you are starting, competition that wants to corner the market or just people who doesn’t have anything better to do.

Here are a few things you might want to look into when faced with damaging publicity regarding your crowdfunding project.

  • Conduct a self assessment and review. You need to verify if the negative publicity being hurled towards you has any merit. This is more challenging to accomplish the bigger the company but when you are just starting out, it is far easier to verify the truth. The smaller the team and operations, the faster you can get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Read between the lines. You need to understand where the complaint or bad publicity is coming from so you can pinpoint the real problem. It can be as simple as an unanswered email or a phone call you need to make. It can also be about a single incident that you need to address to clear up your name and that of your company.
  • Avoid knee jerk reactions. This can get you in hot waters so you need to cool down and process the information before jumping into action. Try to hold your horses and look at the situation again because one wrong statement or action can land you in deeper trouble with publicity.
  • Talk to professionals or experts. If you are not well versed with how publicity and public relations work then you need to work with a professional if the issue is deeper than you anticipated. If it already involves your core values as a company or detractors trying to put you off your game then PR people can give you options on how to approach it.


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