What Would Happen If Kids Operated Crowdfunding Projects?

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There are people that believe that the business world is a better one with this generation of technological advancements especially crowdfunding. Raising the funds needed to start a business just had other options apart from the traditional lenders and venture capitalists thanks to the introduction of social funding.

It allows thousands of people to support a business idea by pledging and essentially investing a small amount of money together with other people. When a project initiator reaches its target amount on a date they set, they receive the pledges and get started on the business. If not, then they can put together a better project proposal and on the upside not get a hard pull on their credit score which has adverse effects on it.

But if you were to look at crowdfunding and the business world in general, grown-ups manage and control almost every aspect of the industry. From putting up the crowdfunding website to organizing a social funding project to investing in the same campaigns. Grown ups with years of experience in the same industry and years of education behind them run the show.

Learning from kids

Life is an endless cycle of learning and it might surprise the adults to know that there are things they can learn from children. Here are few things that would immediately impact the crowdfunding world if kids were running the show.

  • Transparency all around. Kids wear their hearts on their sleeves and you immediately know what they want and why they are doing things. They tug on your sleeves when they are hungry or if they just want to play. Project initiators can learn a thing or two from this character trait when they organize a campaign. Being truthful can be one of the simplest tenet of finances but one that a lot of people have a hard time doing. Being transparent with a project can prevent people from over promising on deliverables on their project which help investors make more sound decisions with their money. 
  • They get straight to the point. People have the tendency to rattle off and enumerate all the good things that they have done in the past but kids get straight to the point. They know what they want and ask for it. If you are putting together a crowdfunding project, it would be better  to prevent babbling away and be concise with your words. Let the investors know what your project is all about without going through the history of every little single detail. 
  • They would share. Because kids want to have fun and the way most of them accomplish this is to have playmates to share their toys with or simply just to have kids in the slide. It is best to have people with you who share your vision and those who can help with their own talents and skill. 
  • The forget and forgive easily. When you get into an argument with a kid or when kids fight each other, give them a few minutes and you will see them again playing with each other. This is because kids do not take things too seriously and forgive easily. When you put out a project and you fail, you can choose to roll over or learn from it and get back up again and do a better job. The idea is not to forget but to learn and come back stronger.


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