Volunteering overseas for humanitarian cause through crowdfunding

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Many people (generally students) aspire to volunteer for humanitarian causes; however they are confined to do so within the national borders for many reasons. Such reasons primarily include the lack of required funds to travel overseas and cover up the living expenses there besides other things. Now, for such aspirants, crowdfunding is a great option as it is difficult to avail funds from other alternate sources. Other sources require knowing the cause of travel – it is easier to get scholarships for studies but such causes exhibit limited interest of the investors. There are NGOs who help such aspirants but not financially. They only try to help them locate the opportunities. So in such circumstances, crowdfunding is a boon for them.

Typically, people trying to volunteer for humanitarian causes abroad also have some personal interest – like it can be their passion to travel (while doing benevolent work), they want to hone their skills by interacting with the target community or they solely are interested for the benefit of the others. In any case, being mostly students, they are in need of funds that cover their to and fro travel expense along with their living expense while at work. For such volunteers, there are many backers who in turn want to support the humanitarian cause but are unable to reach at the specific place. However, all they want to do is to help in some or the other way. And this is how crowdfunding comes into picture.

The aspirant is required to make a campaign for the aforementioned project idea. He or she needs to be careful with what he intends to do while working for that particular cause. It really must be motivating so that people believe in the cause as well as you. You can set your target amount, present the schedule and the objectives you want to achieve through your travel. These campaigns are run on platforms that are available online. It is recommended to opt for an appropriate platform in order to increase the visibility of your campaign. This will only ensure the participation of maximum backers for your project. Once the target amount is reached, you can execute the plan, while keeping the backers updated on the progress of your work. Posting photos and experiences of the end community are very helpful and increase the credibility if you require more funds in future.

Crowdfunding has touched many facets in life. There are many ways to utilize this model and for good over the other models. Unlike other financing models, this is less complicated and conveniently accessible. There are many ways in which the funds from the crowds can be availed. It works as a consolidation approach for backers whose individual contribution might not impact much but their collective contribution will make a difference. Voluntary participation in humanitarian cause overseas is one such example!


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