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Heritage is the responsibility of every resident individual in a nation. It comprises of the monuments, historical places, cultures, architectural beauties, etc. National heritage is deteriorating at a faster pace because of lack of funds to maintain and preserve the same. Besides, many still consider it to be a job of the Government which already is preoccupied with several other issues stacked up. In such cases, there are NGOs who have volunteered to safeguard the heritage in the larger interest through crowdfunding. This innovative model has made the social concern realizable in an effective way. There are many platforms that are dedicated to the heritage preservation locally.

From the trends, it has been observed that heritage preservation through crowdfunding have become more effective a cause for both the concerned authorities as well as the public. It is giving them a chance to participate in their national (or internationally as well) heritage safeguarding through crowdfunding. It has become possible to not only raise funds but also evaluate how the same can be achieved through the interested lot. Here are some of the effective ways to preserve the heritage and why to opt for crowdfunding doing the same-

  • Lack of funds has always been the most stifling concern for preserving the heritage. As it is mostly the monuments that are the epitome of heritage, maintaining the same requires huge funds that ensure continuous repairs and wear and tear. It is not always possible for the respective governments to do the same. More so, individual organizations also cannot help achieve the same for the hugeness of the funds. In such cases, it is a great option to place an open call for the interested public and get them on- board with the cause. It can be a small amount and really insignificant contribution if considered singularly, but in crowd, collectively, that amount can make a difference. Crowdfunding therefore is very effective here.
  • Many a times, identification of the heritage and ways and means to secure or preserve the same is also a great task. This can be done by interacting with the public. There are some not- so- famous pieces of art/ structures that carry eminence yet not considered to be preserved. This can be done through crowdfunding platforms. People can not only raise funds but also bring forward the concerns and help the authorities or NGOs to perform better.

Crowdfunding always has multiple purposes attached to it. In case of heritage, which is more of a public responsibility, there are many interested parties who are concerned to preserve the same. But as individuals, their contribution fails to achieve the cause. When in crowd, they can make influential impact on preserving the heritage and also inspiring others to do the same. The immediate affecting industry is the Tourism industry – which can therefore participate actively and effectively in the identification of such heritage. This will be a helpful start for the interested crowd funders. Also, it will give a chance to public to lend something for their national heritage!

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