Why Managing A Crowdfunding Project Seems Like Having A Baby

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Yes, you read that title right about how managing a crowdfunding project can be likened to having a baby at home. For non-parents, listen up and you might learn a few things while those people with kids at home whose sleeping pattern is like the Kardashian’s talent – inconsistent or too far in between at best, you will surely be able to relate to some of these situations

Crowdfunding is a serious financial venture for a project initiators as it will play a big part in dictating how successful they can be in getting their ideas funded. Reaching their goal can mean being able to start their business venture. Getting less than the target means they might have to do some tweaking and presenting the idea a little more differently.

Having a baby on the other hand requires just as much work if not more. But how does these two find a common ground? Would having a baby make a person better at managing a crowdfunding project? Are there traits parents with kids know more that those who does not have little ones around the house? Would these help in overseeing a social funding campaign?

Are parents with babies better at crowdfunding?

The long and short of it is that parents with kids are not exactly better at handling crowdfunding compared to single people. But those parents with babies are going through or have undergone some situations that can help them prepare in managing a crowdfunding project. These instances usually present themselves when parents take care of  their baby.

One is understanding that it takes a lot of time to make something work. Just like having a baby would keep you up almost all night giving milk and calming them down, the same time requirement might also present itself when managing a crowdfunding campaign. You would need to make sure that the project is updated and made known to as many people as possible.

One thing that comes with requiring more time is having the ability to manage time properly. Having a baby does not mean that your life would revolve around them 24/7 because there are other areas in your life that you have to attend to. Just like when managing a crowdfunding project, time management is essential in keeping the campaign rolling and relevant.

Patience is another trait that having babies can teach those that wants to start a crowdfunding campaign. Those constant cries and diaper changes all throughout the day would help make any person a little more tolerant with the things happening around them. This is something project initiators need to understand.

They are essentially pinning their hopes on other people and working on getting them to fund an idea or product. This might not always go the way they want it and if things does not work out in the initial stages, you need to be calm and collected in making necessary changes. If you lose your cool or worse, you lose hope in the early stages, you will never succeed.

And the same as taking care of a baby, whatever the pains and heartaches and sleep deprivation it causes, it is always worth it when you reach your goal. Once you complete that funding for a great product, that smile across your face is similar to how your baby would smile as they wake up from a restful sleep.


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