Crowdfunding provides way in for property investors

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“Are you running a Ponzi scheme?” was the reaction CrowdfundUP’s founder Jack Quiqley got when he started his crowdfunding platform to raise money for property investments.

Australia was the “nanny state” holding back investors from owning properties, Mr Quigley and his peers from crowdfunders DomaCom, VentureCrowd and Woods Bagot told a Property Council of Australia breakfast in Sydney on Wednesday.

Property crowdfunding has taken off in the US, with $1.42 billion in investments, and in Europe, with more than  $1 billion, but only $80 million from the rest of the world, a report by CrowdfundUP said. China was on track for a possible $45 billion market.


Property crowdfunding raises funds from a “crowd” of investors for a project or investment. The crowd meets online and investors “pledge” their capital to projects. Investors can nominate projects or platforms can make suggestions.

“The most popular property investment types are residential, commercial and industrial, although storage unit complexes had been crowdfunded in the US,” CrowdfundUP said.

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