FactWire nabs HKD3 million via crowdfunding for Hong Kong investigative journalism agency

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FactWire, which is set to become the territory’s first investigative journalism hub, reached its HKD3 million target on FringeBacker on Tuesday, nine days ahead of the 60-day deadline.More than 2,400 people contributed money for the project which promises to be “truly independent, not swayed by investors, and with no reliance on advertisers”.The ethos of non-commercial “public service” journalism is similar to that of the Hong Kong Free Press, which launched in June after raising an initial HKD150,000, also through crowd-funding.
FactWire will be headed by veteran Hong Kong journalist Ng Hiu-tung, who previously worked for TVB news and Cable News.

To read the full article, click http://s.coassets.com/ww1

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