“Lending has to be more convenient, easy accessible just like Uber”

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During the World Halal Summit (WHS) 2015, we have a chance to interview Slava Artamonov, Founder & CEO of LendingStar Inc. to learn more about about his thoughts on the opportunities in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending industry/system  in Asia as well as his future plans and expectation for LendingStar . You can also check out the World Halal Summit(WHS) 2015 media coverage here.

Lending star is a P2P lending marketplace where people can directly invest in small businesses worldwide. The main idea behind LendingStar is to connect people and provide entrepreneurs with more choices for funding and for investors with a high yield return or more profitable return. But not only just returns, it is also the satisfaction whereby  they are changing someone’s life for the better.

LendingStar are concerned about the problems faced by  any small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). Huge numbers of processing, hassle procedures, many documents to prepare beforehand, long waiting times are the common issues that SMEs faced when they approached the banks. “Lending has to be more convenient, easy accessible just like Uber.”

Mr Slava Artamonov shared with us about his business plan for the upcoming 5 years. From the regional perspective, LendingStar will be focusing on 3 regions: (1) South East Asia (2) Europe, Middle East and Africa (but primarily North Africa) (3) United States. For the first year,  they would like to spend on the 6 countries in South East Asia. The main idea that lies behind LendingStar is to develop an international marketplace.

As there is an existence of entrepreneurial spirit  in each country, hence, there are many SMEs developed in a year and  people are dynamic and more ready for risk. Therefore, there will be a lot of demand on the alternative source of financing.

Mr Slava Artamonov mentioned that he has a special dream. He would like to have 1 million SMEs to be funded on LendingStar in 5 years and total amount of financing  has to be taken through the platform not less than 1 billion dollars. This is how he sees this five years span for LendingStar. In terms of the company perspective, he would like to grow a successful customer- oriented company, diverse based on many countries which cover at least 3 regions in 5 years.

Like to know more about  Mr Slava Artamonov’s tips on what do people need to know before they commit to lend money to business owners worldwide?  You can click the above video for the full interview.


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