Jon Gosier: How ‘Equity Crowdfunding’ Can Help Spread Global Wealth

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While technology has put dazzling conveniences and insane riches into the hands of many, such benefits are not evenly distributed around the world—and tech innovation, so the argument goes, is also contributing to the ever-widening gulf between the rich and poor.

“The tech community works under the assumption that if you build great things it will affect everyone positively, but that’s not always the case,” says Jon Gosier, a self-styled serial “instigator” who has launched organizations focused on spreading tech-driven wealth more evenly.

Much of Gosier’s work has been focused on Africa, where he has invested in 16 companies in 12 nations. Among these are the tech services firm Appfrica and AfriLabs, a network of more than 90 technology hubs across the continent; Hive Colab, a workspace for tech entrepreneurs;, a news site covering the Ebola outbreak; and Abayima, a tech workaround that has helped activists in Uganda, Syria, and Egypt stay in touch when communication networks get shut down.

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