5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal

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It can be incredibly disheartening and even soul crushing to run a crowdfunding campaign that fails. Just because your campaign failed, however, it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible artist it could just mean you ran a terrible campaign. 

With crowdfunding being a relatively new phenomenon, the blueprint for how to run a campaign isn’t entirely clear. That said, the foibles and good-campaigns-gone-wrong errors are slowly coming to light, and if your campaign didn’t reach its goal, it might be because of one of the following reasons.

1. Your goal was unreasonably high

I’ve seen plenty of campaigns for EPs that only ask for $3,000. On the other hand, I’ve also seen campaigns for albums that ask for 10 times that much. From a fan’s perspective, there’s an appearance of greed when your goal is significantly higher than similar campaigns. Even if you lay out everything you plan on using the money for, the basic question a fan will have is, “Why does this person need so much, while another artist I support requires so little?” It might not be a fair assessment, but it’s a human one that you have to account for.

Another issue with an unreasonably high goal is that some fans may not want to donate if they feel the goal won’t be met. Thinking that an album will never be made isn’t much inspiration for donating.

You may feel having a lofty goal shows you’re aspirational and that even if you don’t come close to hitting it, it will represent how serious you are. In reality, it’s a huge detriment. Remember, a campaign isn’t over once the monetary goal is hit – it lasts until the day you arranged for it to end. By setting a reasonable goal that can be met and exceeded, your fans will be a part of something that succeeds, and this will inspire them to support your future campaigns.

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