GoPurpose -World’s First Socially Sustainable Crowd Funding Platform To launch in June 2015

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New York, NY | June 3rd, 2015 – GoPurpose (, a collective crowd funding platform and social awareness network that does good in an accountable, purposeful way will be launching in June 2015. Founded by philanthropist and former investment and wealth management banker, Serena Kao, GoPurpose welcomes individuals, small businesses and social enterprise startups looking to make a positive and sustainable impact around the world to raise money using the GoPurpose website’s intuitive tools.

Acting as a convenient, easy-to-use vehicle for charities and causes, GoPurpose provides a space to create and advertise the project. The site encourages people to donate or attend fundraising events in exchange for Purpose Points, which can be redeemed for rewards. Projects looking for promotion through GoPurpose must be socially impactful and transparent but can come from any discipline, and sustainable projects with a focus on collective impact are encouraged.

“I know how difficult it is for startups and small enterprises, which want to have a positive impact on their communities, to get the word out there,” said GoPurpose founder and CEO Serena Kao. “That is why I started GoPurpose, with the goal of connecting those businesses with the supporters that want to fund them and make positive change a reality in struggling areas of the world.” Kao is an investment banker with experience on the boards of various foundations. She has been volunteering since the age of 11, and her true passion is empowering others to be self-sustainable. Her living philosophy is to create balance and harmony between living well and doing good.

Geographical distance, communication barriers, and advertising difficulties are no longer obstacles for well-intentioned causes using GoPurpose, whose bilingual platform targets both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking audiences. GoPurpose is also the first crowd funding platform with the China public fundraising license, a difficult to receive license that will allow corporations and individuals who do business in China to receive tax deductions for their donations.

The social platform has already begun featuring four pilot projects on either side of the globe: an eco-tourism community and a youth center and library in Cambodia, an after-school program in Atlanta, and a program to empower survivors of sex trafficking survivors in New York. Three of the projects have managed to reach their funding goals and the fourth is currently running.

The GoPurpose difference is in their due diligence reporting, vetting all projects individually and measuring the impact. Kao and the rest of the GoPurpose team know all project creators personally, and Kao spends time on the ground ensuring each project is real and transparent. Throughout and after the funding process, project creators will be asked to keep their funders informed on the project’s progress. The GoPurpose team cares deeply about the projects, striving to ensure 100% funding for all projects, and will even donate personally to show their support for the causes.

GoPurpose is an innovative crowd funding platform that empowers social good in a sustainable way.This summer, they are pleased to announce that their founder and CEO Serena Kao is on a mission to promote a campaign of nurturing successful and dynamic women entrepreneurs making a positive impact in society and doing good. Her goal is to empower more women to be confident and continue to strive for excellence while balancing families, work and fun at the same time. GoPurpose will also be targeting a series of collaboration and organizing events with designers, universities and women-founded NGOs and foundations to collaborate and support each other. For interested parties, please contact [email protected].

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