Sparking Social Change With Sustainable Growth and Education

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A modern Ziggurat stands undamaged and unyielding, contrasting to the neighboring chaos of nearby Kathmandu.  This strange and wonderful structure was designed to provide care and guidance for Nepal’s children turned orphans from a recent civil war. Now, it serves another purpose:  to protect and inspire hope for the millions of families needing relief from the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.


Introducing the Lali Gurans Orphanage and Libraryseeds logo

Created by the Seeds of Change Foundation (SOCF) in Denver, Colorado, Lali Gurans utilizes seismic-resistant designs and eco-

friendly technologies to provide completely self-sustaining residences for at-risk children. One of the few buildings completely unharmed in Nepal, Lali Gurans was quickly transformed into a sanctuary for the countless victims of recent earthquakes.


Ironically the facility was created in anticipation of such horrible events,” says founder Christopher Gish. “Everyone in Nepal knew this was inevitable; Seeds of Change went in desperate to help prevent it, but we only got half-way done before this nightmare began.

To this end, Lali Gurans was constructed using internationally approved building code standards, high-grade eco-friendly materials, and earthquake resistant technologies. Over half of the buildings in Nepal were projected to collapse before these earthquakes. Now the worst has happened, and that devastation is now a reality.


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Leading Short-term and Long-Term National Rehabilitation Efforts

The Seeds of Change Foundation has routed all resources from constructing Lali Gurans to aid in the desperately needed relief efforts.  In addition to coordinating with international agencies to bring fresh food, clean water, and disease prevention projects to Nepal, Seeds of Change has transformed the half-finished Lali Gurans into a public shelter and safe-haven.

However, the Foundation is more determined than ever to fully finish and realize the dream that is Lali Gurans.  While the urgency of immediate relief issues are essential, these natural disasters are an ongoing problem.  The Seeds  of Change Foundation has always been passionate about the long-term preservation and prosperity of Nepali communities for this very reason.  To combat this, Seeds of Change hopes to promote Lali Gurans’ sustainable technology and seismic-resistant engineering  for the reconstruction of Nepal, preventing future catastrophic losses in a nation of wonderful people, culture and natural beauty.

Finishing the Orphanage and Rebuilding Nepal

Even before the first tremor, Nepal suffered from constant food, water, fuel, and electricity shortages were rampant.  Due to infrastructure problems and government corruption,  foreign attempts to provide and educate local communities in these self-sustaining  technologies has often been futile.  “That’s why, by far, the best long term way to help Nepal,” Gish insists, “before, and now more than ever, is through the children. They are our greatest resource because they are the most willing to learn, willing to trust, and willing to help make a long-term difference.”

Seeds of Change takes this idea to heart, and seeks to revolutionize child care practices in Nepal, where children are often neglected and abused.  The Foundation hopes to remove the stigma from orphanages, providing resident children with a nurturing family atmosphere, superior educational resources, and these amazing models of sustainable technology. In this way, Seeds of Change will empower these children with both the practical knowledge of how to live healthy, happy lives, and the confidence to pay forward these ideals to their neighboring communities.


The Seeds of Change foundation, more than anything, wants Nepali children to achieve their dreams in a time when most feel all is lost. To ensure this, Lali Gurans was designed to exist independently of the potential conflicts and corruption of a stagnated Nepali bureaucracy. Through its in-house systems of solar energy cells, biogas collection, rainwater harvesting, private organic farms, and other innovative natural systems, all food, water, fuel, and energy can be produced on-site at Lali Gurans. In doing so, Seeds of Change can be fully independent and secure with little overhead costs. This will allow management to fully focus on the resident children’s wellbeing and education, as well as numerous outreach programs to inspire social progress in neighboring communities.


To this end, Lali Gurans orphanage and library staff is dedicated to:

  • Providing specialized up-to-date curriculums from an accredited staff of international educators. Trained in appropriate child care methods, all staff and volunteers will go through a vigorous background check, and be supervised with a strict zero-tolerance abuse policy.  Modern lesson plans and teaching materials will be provided in a country where educational resources have not been replenished or updated in over a decade.
  • Housing a team of trained childcare providers. Lali Gurans will ensure resident children have access to the absolute highest level of around-the-clock physiological and psychological care.  The team will ensure a true home environment with a loving family atmosphere.
  • Maintaining a series of hanging gardens and wondrous open spaces for the children to live, learn, play, and blossom in.
  • Customizing developmental plans to support and inspire each child to feel safe and succeed upon becoming adults and graduating the program. No child will be left behind in the care of Lali Gurans.
  • Running Nepal’s first local not-for-profit public library. In addition to supplementing the education of its resident children, Lali Gurans will provide educational resources to the communities, including sustainable technology curriculums, online degrees, and outreach programs empower the Nepali with higher education. By providing these resources for the Nepali citizens, Lali Gurans seeks to develop programs to ensure long-term growth and sustainability for Nepal, in addition to the immediate relief efforts.


Helping Children to Empower Positive Change to Surrounding Communities

All designs, technologies and educational programs 10985917_10206066748160186_3343980352848294879_nutilized by Lali Gurans will be completely open source. It is the Seeds of Change Foundation’s hope to provide guidance for proper construction and sustainable growth when the rebuilding process begins.  “It may be just one building,” Gish says, “but its still standing when millions aren’t. If we can do the same for all the other homes and urban centers that need to be replenished, we can save thousands of lives.”  The Seeds of Change Foundation also hopes these shared systems will also help farmers, local businessmen, and families re-achieve economic stability in a nation where access to food, fuel, and water was not a certainty, even before these terrible events.


Sparking Change in Nepal and Achieving Global Impact

As international efforts were previously relatively fruitless due to internal political instability, now, more than ever, the Seeds of Change sees the importance of nurturing change from within Nepal.  As roads and airports now lie closed or in ruins, the sad truth about the ineffectiveness of external aid is all the more evident.  “If we can’t cut through the red tape of ineffective policies and corrupt leaders,” Gish offers, “let us help new generations grow to understand the importance of shared sustainability and education.”

The Seeds of Change Foundation has successfully rallied the trust of local communities to support these missions and rehabilitation programs.  The Foundation is currently advocating to Nepali agencies and organizations, hoping for the nationwide use of these simple yet life-saving programs.  Though Lali Gurans may just be one building, it’s an incredibly pragmatic solution for dealing with as many challenges beset on Nepal at once.


Built by MOS Architecture Firm (New York City), and local Nepali engineers at Prakriti Ko Ghar (PKG), Lali Gurans’ modern ziggurat design was chosen to inspire a bridge between the thriving modern world and struggling nations like Nepal.


How You Can Help Make a Real Difference in the Lives of these Children

The Seeds of Change Foundation is currently seeking crowd funding support for both the completion of Lali Gurans, and to provide resources and relief efforts to Nepal.  Seeds of Change additionally asks for your help in spreading the word, raising awareness of the existence of such accessible programs, and their potential to save and empower lives.  Any donation is appreciated. However, equally important are any individuals or organizations who can lend their expertise or caring to helping these wonderful people.


Seeds of Change is especially dedicated to recruiting:11193361_10153005687381461_4933017006421507575_n


  • Operational Managers
  • Health and Child Care Professionals
  • Experienced Teachers or Teaching Aides
  • Environmental Impact Specialists
  • Multimedia Project Designers
  • Artists to teach and inspire children
  • Any volunteers dedicated to the Seeds of Change’s mission to help and empower children

To donate funds, resources, or volunteer, please contact us at

We may not be able to change the past,” says Gish, “but together, we can provide a future for these children, and be their guiding light to a better tomorrow.


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