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#EpicCrowdfunding – How to launch your campaign + Novelsys Launch

Thursday, 15 Jan, 2015 (Singapore)

A group of over 200 crowdfunders gathered on 15 Jan eager to hear from the past experiences of crowdfunding pioneers – Johnathan Leow (PROTAG), Titan Lee (Pirate3D) and G-Jay Yong (OAXIS).  The 3 panelists shared their personal experiences & tips from their successful Kickstarter projects.

The organizer Kenneth Lou from Novelsys commented that they were very excited with the launch of Ampere (an intelligent wireless charging sleeve) and that they will be closely monitoring their campaign to ensure the smooth production and delivery of the product. They have already reached their goal of USD 60,000 and will be embarking on production (UPDATE: Novelsys has raised over $87,000 from their kickstarter project)

Visit if you would like to find out more about Ampere.

Novelsys Ampere- the smartest wireless charging phone sleeve

As a whole, the event was well-received.

“It is definitely useful in term of awareness of how to get a successful crowdfunding executed with the results that you want and hearing from live examples really help especially these days everything is about crowd activating” Jerrel Phua, an event participant commented.

Despite the good response, there were concerns expressed by some of the participants. One key concern of using Kickstarter is that there are no guarantee of refunds if the campaign target is not reached.

All in all, #EpicCrowdfunding had a good turnout. It is testimony that many are keeping their eyes peeled for the crowdfunding scene to take off in Asia.



Introducing INNI – Launch Party

Friday, 6 Feb 2015 (Singapore)



INNI Nails is created by Candice Chua from Singapore and Lauri Koutaniemi from Finland. The Nail wraps that are: 100% customisable, last for up to 10 days, with no toxic fumes. Co-founder, Candice aims to revolutionise how people do their nails with INNI – giving everyone the chance to become their own nail designer and start a creative business. INNI’s concept revolves around the use of a free mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android, to simply snap a photo, order your nail design and enjoy convenient free shipping to your home and apply your nails in merely 10 minutes.

During the introduction of INNI launch, many excited guests had a fantastic time experimenting with the fuss-free nails sticker.  INNI was started in May 2014 with an alpha version of the prototype at to experiment with the concept, and was featured in Cosmo, Marie Claire, NY Times and The Huffington Post.

They are currently in the process of taking part in Channel New Asia – Startup Season 2  and is raising funds to complete development of the app, set up manufacturing in Singapore and the billing environment. Visit here to show some support for INNI!

We are looking forward to becoming our own nail designers with INNI.

Temploy Crowdfunding Launch

Monday, 9 Feb, 2015 (Singapore)

Temploy ( is a startup featured on Channel News Asia’s startup season 2 and a platform dedicated to employment self-determination and the safe and optimal matching of part time labour with employers based on best-match heuristics. The startup is a finalist in Echelon Thailand 2014 as well as for Seedstars Asia singapore & their innovative algorithm has a social mission to democratize work-life balance. Temploy is a platform that allows candidates to design their own jobs based on preferences on schedule, location, skill and remuneration and matches it to the needs of employers automatically and anonymously.

Temploy had a launch of their crowdfunding campaign for‪#‎skillup2015‬ ( as their contribution to the Channel News Asia Startup Season 2 Crowdfunding challenge as a finalist.

The future of employment seems to be heading toward a project-based allocation. Do you agree?

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