I’mpossible 1 Minute Trailer by Grid_Synergy

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Grid_Synergy Pte Ltd, a Singaporean film production company, will be launching a KickStarter campaign to raise US$50,000 for “I’mpossible” – Singapore’s first martial arts action comedy movie.

I’mpossible is “Karate Kid” meets “Rocky” – an uplifting underdog story about how a teenage boy uses his talent in martial arts to overcome all odds and become a champion. To be produced by Grid_Synergy, a company that has had successful movie making track records, I’mpossible is set to be a ground-breaking stylistic martial art action comedy that will feature Singapore and regional talents. One of the key talents behind the move is the award-winning director, Mr Gilbert Chan, whose previous works include S11, Love Matters (co-directed with Jack Neo), 2359 and Ghost Child. The combined box office collection from these films was over SGD4million and I’mpossible will be Mr Chan’s fifth movie.

Want to find out what the movie will be like? Click on the clip above.

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