Sex sells usually, but does it work for crowdfunding campaign?

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In the history of advertising, Sex has been used in packaging, advertisements etc to attract audiences despite not being directly linked to the product. The effectiveness of sexually provoking ads has seen more advertisements linking to suggestive sexual imagery to get attention among many other ads. Fashion, car, alcohol and IT are some of the industry that has established strong links with sex.

It’s a proven fact that sex sells. Experiment done for men magazines shows that when a sexy, half-naked woman is on the cover, it will outperform other magazine with a famous male star.

However, there is a fine line between sex sell and the product. Consumers these days are well-educated and smart. They would still react and feel cheated when the product is bad. When that happens, it will take advertiser much more effort to regain back the trust. Inappropriate use of sex in advertisement would also do disservice to the product as well as attract the wrong attention.

For crowdfunding campaigns that are looking to raise funds for their new ideas, products, music and causes, does suggestive sexual imagery of sexy ladies or masculine man helps in getting more funds?

To a certain extent, it helps as online crowdfunding platform allows pictures and videos to be embedded to their crowdfunding campaign page. However, appropriate use of sexual image applies as well.

Offbeatr, crowdfunding portal that gear toward to support of porn startups in the area of art, books, games, movies, products, websites etc. For such crowdfunding campaigns, sexual images are all the more appropriate as the products are related to sex., a crowdfunding portal that connects women who wants to do a boob job and men willing to crowdfund for the surgery is another example that uses appropriate sexual image to reach out to supporter for funds.

So far, the crowdfunding industry has been decent and obedient in their advertisement as sex sells advertisements are not prominently used in projects that are do not have a direct link with sex.

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