Javaland and Crowdfunding: The Changing Face of Real Estate Investment

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P.T. Satya Indosin Laksana has been developing properties in various parts of Indonesia including Bali and Surabaya for the past 10 years.  Riding on the success of Aksata Resorts as well as the Bali Harmoni brand, Java Land Pte Ltd was established in 2013 in Singapore, as an extension to reach out to prospective investors in the different parts of Asia.

We believe that property investing should be something that everyone can afford and benefit from.  We have been in the luxury resorts development in Bali for quite some time. We are pleased to see how our projects are able to enhance the lives of people in the local Balinese community by creating long term employment, and benefit our investors at the same time.

From our stakeholders’ standpoint, we are pleased to be able to help our partners, investors and owners pool their funds and grow their wealth through our projects.  If we were to look at those who bought our first few projects, some of them are sitting on more than 300% returns right now,” said Mr Christopher Koh, Director of Java Land Pte Ltd.


To date, more than 100 owners, buyers and investors, including accredited and corporate investors, have profited from projects by Java Land Pte Ltd. Those who have directly invested with us have received dividend and interest pay-outs in excess of S$1million over the last 10 years.

Moving ahead, we are closely monitoring the development of the crowdfunding space with excitement and anticipation. Looking at what is happening in the United States, we are eagerly looking forward to the potential empowerment that crowdfunding can bring to investors to enter into the real estate sector.

Though the whole crowdfunding movement is still in its infancy, I believe there will come a day when the regular man-on-the-street can participate and co-invest in our projects with investors from around the world through a regional crowdfunding platform like CoAssets and make property investment a viable option for the masses,” Mr Koh added.

At present, they are working on several exciting new projects and they are looking for partners who are keen to come on board.

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